" ...Every living being has a natural, unrestrained desire for health and the ability to heal itself... "


Pranic healing according to Choa Kok Sui is a contactless energetic healing method in which the immune system is stimulated to heal itself and is supported in its healing process. The "science and art of pranic healing" is considered as one of the eldest forms of natural healing. It is based on the knowledge of the laws of the universal life energy, called "Prana". This life energy is present in every human body and is necessary for self-healing and maintaining health. It is absorbed by our subtle energy body ("aura") and distributed through the energy centers ("chakras"). If this energy system gets out of balance, for example due to too much stress, wrong nutrition, negative emotions and thoughts, then the physical body also gets sick. The pranic healing techniques can support, harmonize and revitalise the body mind soul system by cleaning and energizing the aura framed by prayers.



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In prana healing, without touching the physical body, the first thing that is done is to remove blockages and prana congestion in the aura and then to direct new life energy into the affected areas. Prana healing supports conventional medicine and other healing methods in a complementary way. It serves to maintain health, can be used preventively, strengthens and helps with many physical and mental imbalances, complaints, pain and injuries.

Each application begins with an initial consultation and a subsequent application of about one hour on site or by remote healing. For the development of the healing process and stabilization, approx. 3 applications (incl. initial consultation) are recommended.


No curative or psychiatric diagnoses are made or treatments of this kind are performed. The treatments do not replace medical, psychiatric or psychological therapy.