Dances of Universal Peace

The "Dances of Universal Peace" are part of a timeless tradition of sacred dance and are predominantly danced together in a circle and deepened in the form of walking meditations.

They blend singing, live music and harmonious movement into a living experience of unity, connection, peace and integration.

The energy flows through the music and the movement from heart to heart, mostly through touching the hands and is also very well online in the virtual circle heartwarming and strengthening convertible!

The dances developed in the sixties from a movement training originated in America, initiated by Samuel L. Lewis (1896- 1971) in San Francisco and are now danced worldwide.

Spiritual roots of the dances are Sufism, inspired by Samuel L. Lewis' teacher, the Sufi master Hazrat Innayat Khan.

The dance roots are in modern expressive dance, inspired by Samuels dance mentor and friend Ruth St. Denis.

A constantly expanding collection of meanwhile 400 dances and walking meditations with singing, partly originally handed down or inspired by the great religious and cultural traditions of this earth, which can contribute to inner peace and world peace.

I cordially invite you to this wonderful, shared experience in a circle, also online!

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