Open singing circles

I offer open singing circles of secular and/or spiritual songs, gospels, mantras and canons from around the world for many years.

Appointments can be booked once a month, fortnightly or weekly, as a one-day workshop or weekend workshop depending on your needs.

Previous singing experience is not important, only the joy of singing counts.

I offer a wide repertoire: Single and polyphonic songs from rock, pop songs, to jazz standards, oriental and spiritual music, Indian mantras, Taizé songs and canons from all over the world.

I accompany the singing circles with the guitar, percussion, the harmonium and the Arabic short-necked lute ( oud ).

I also offer the singing circles online through Jitsi.


Soumaya Hiltmann
Körnerstr. 14
13156 Berlin

phone +4930/89642969 or +49163/1585066

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