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Dear music lovers!

Derzeit sind, als besonderes Angebot, ein Teil meiner und unserer Lieder (in der Zu­sammen­arbeit mit Thomas Janowskij, meinem langjährigen, ehemaligem Mit­musiker) und Mantren der letz­ten Jahre hier online zum Anhören und rein zur privaten Nutzung zum kosten­pflichtigen Download verfügbar.

We have composed and recorded many songs. For me they are jewels of the past and present.

The title "My Dear Soul" refers to a song that my youngest daughter Mariam invented and sang, when she was three years old. Since we recorded it with her and her big sister Nuria, it has traveled around the world in many languages and with great popularity.

The title "Universal love" is a musical version of the Abwun d'bwaschmaja ( Aramaic Lord`s prayer ) by Thomas Janowskij and me. Abwun Dbwaschmaja has many levels and serves among other things the inner alignment and has a gently cleansing and harmonizing effect on our soul-mind-body unity.

The "I- love - Rap" serves as a tribute to our bodies and is refreshing, strengthening and cleansing with its fresh, danceable beat in D - major.

The song "Kiss of an angel" was written after an experience of parting with a loved one and the song comforted me a lot.

"We all come from the goddess" we often sang in our singing circles and it has a special depth and grounding power for me.

Hier ist eine Songauswahl zum Anhören und alle Titel sind auch als kostenpflichtiger Download in unserem Shop verfügbar, damit du die Musik auch offline genießen kannst!

Viel Freude mit der Musik!

Important Notice:

The songs are available for download for private purposes, for non-commercial use.

The performance of the songs in any form and the use for further purposes and duplication is only possible after consultation with Soumaya Hiltmann and Thomas Janowskij and by means of contractual agreements.

All songs are copyrighted!




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